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Monday, February 1, 2010

Water as Fuel? and its by a team of MALAYSIAN?! wow!

Wow. Malaysia innovated a technology where you can use water (H2O) as fuel for your car.

It was in 2006 where a team of Universiti Sains Malaysia researches led by Dr Syamsul Rizal Abd Shukor came up with a way to produce hydrogen in a system compact enough to be fitted into a car. 'COOL!', i said.

But then, I heard (or read) somewhere that Malaysia has not been supportive enough until LMG had to shut down. Im not sure whether this is true but if its true, 'BIJAK LAAA KORANG! *sarcasm* '

Kalau bab nak habiskan duit, PERGH! laju jee.. For instance, hantar orang keliling dunia naik basikal laa, naik sampan laaa, buat apa? Bazir duit je.. Konon untuk menaikkan nama negara.. People out there tak kisah pon laa. Datuknenek diorg dah keliling dunia naik sampan 30 kali mungkin, tak kecoh pon.

Kata nak save the planet. Tapi yang dijalankan hanya benda2 common yang kesannya sikit je pada environmental pollution. Cuba laa jangan jual rokok, jangan ambil rasuah untuk penebangan haram, MMG TAKKAN laaa.. sebab itulah main income source negara MALAYSIA. . . kalau x boleh, try something else. support benda2 mcm ni. bukan susah. Kalau 1MALAYSIA boleh berjaya dibentangkan kat UN, mungkin ini pon boleh jugak.

Hopefully, pihak yang bertanggungjawab lebih prihatin about these Malaysians yang ada idea2 bernas.
For more info, go to Hydroxene Technology on Paul Tan's.

*I saw an advert of this when I was in Form 5, 2007. I was interested with this technology since back then. I even made an essay for my oral test on this.
   My recent posts sounds a bit macam environmentalist, but i dont think im one of them. im just writing my opinions here. I think yang supermarkets kat Malaysia buat where you have to pay 20 sen for each plastic bag when you shop every Saturday memang benda yang bagus. Keep it up.

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