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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Actually, I have tons to write about, but its the writer's block lah.


hope to write more as soon as possible with good words, good language, and 'nice' sentences @ quotes. :(

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Knowledge of Life.

I have to open another blog, as requirement for my subject's 'ass'ignment, MGT300.

here you go. mfoahrahmaend.blogspot.com . .  the url seems abit weird, but there will be an explanation of it on my first post on the blog.. 

mfoahrahmaend.blogspot.com wont be my primary blog, and, most probably, it will be deleted by the end of this semester, and that would be around May. hahaha. :P

so do come to my other blog, and keep following this one. thanks. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To mengampu or not to mengampu? Berat sebelah?

Mengampu, membodek, suck-up, apple-polishing. wah. byk lagi kata2 utk menggambarkan keadaan tuh.

Perlukah mengampu.? Sangat perlu. Biarlah sikit2 pun, yang penting , mengampu. Sometimes, i like to call it 'NETWORKING' which is what ppl nowadays use it for.

Orang selalu tak suka, org yang dpt kerja through orang dalam. For me, dah nasib orang tu, nak buat macam mana kan? Mak selalu cakap, 'Semua org byk network, cuma tak menggunakan dgn baik, or just tak gunakan network yang sedia ada'.

Tapi, selalunya, peng-ampu, pem-bodek nih selalu menjatuhkan orang lain in order utk dapat what they want. 1: Bagus, since you ada keinginan to move forward. 2: Not good because you can help them jugak kan? Kan lebih mulia, bila mengampu tu, tolong orang lain sekali.

But lain pulak dengan berat sebelah. Sometimes, ppl tak sedar mereka sedang memberatsebelah (not sure whether this is a word pon). Berat sebelah tak memerlukan orang lain mengampu mereka utk dapat sokongan pihak tersebut.  But one thing laa kan, would you rather have anything in the world except your life or you have your life, but not everything that you want? I'll take the second one, personally. The first one, are you sure you'll be okay to owe someone something selama-mana korang menggunakan pemberian mereka?

 For example, kerja. Orang yang bagi kerja tu kat kau akan brag pada sedara-mara dan kau ada terhutang budi sampai korang berhenti kerja. And if korang berhenti pon, korang akan dianggap tak hargai budi orang lain. ? Nak ke?

Think about it.

thats it. bye.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lamebook or Facebook. ?

haha.  :P Discovered Lamebook just now when i was browsing on Facebook's page in Wikipedia. haha.

You should check it out. If you're 'lucky', you could see your FB updates @ statuses there. haha.

*i really hope anything i post on FB wont end up here. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jalan terus.

My sister wrote about my blog in her blog. wow. thanks. haha. Since my sister dah tulis about my blog in hers, i think i should return the favor too. (eventhough dia dah ramai pengikut setia dah. haha. :P )

Mengikut pada blog archive dia, she started blogging since 2003 and she has wrote about 1300 posts since then.! check out her blog at jomcakap.blogspot.com .

Orang selalu cakap, ' kalau nak org minat dgn blog kita, letak laa corak2, layout yang colourful, backgrounds... bla bla bla.. ' haha. Wonder why blog saya takda corak2 colourful seperti yang disuruh? Sebab saya ikut cakap kakak saya. haha. Blog dia simple yet fun and tak sakit mata to read the blog.

Well, thats it kot. till the next one.

*haha. one cool thing. since im using 'fj' to chat di semua blog, my sis guna 'fj2' haha.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Or in other words, 'move on'.

Benda yang paling susah nak buat, kata org.

I dont think so. I think thats the easiest thing you could do if you dont want anything to do with someone.

orang cakap, 'move on sikit2 dulu'. Thats just bullshit. You can move on all along, but its you, the one who dont want to by denying that you can move on all the way.

Ppl said they 'cannot' move on. Actually, its because you dont want to do so. You want to get back together with your partner. You wish bad things wouldnt happen. You think about your partner all the time. You think you would be happy with him/her and not with anyone else. You wish to hug and never let go.

Well, bad news people. You have to let go, and you know it. You knew those things i wrote up there wouldnt happen like it used to be. Learn. You've made a mistake, you shouldnt repeat that ever. You have your whole life to enjoy, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, dont let these mistakes make you to make more mistakes.

chill out. relax. take a step forward. not backwards nor standstill.

*toddles* < - - - hahaha. (mukhriz.)

Water as Fuel? and its by a team of MALAYSIAN?! wow!

Wow. Malaysia innovated a technology where you can use water (H2O) as fuel for your car.

It was in 2006 where a team of Universiti Sains Malaysia researches led by Dr Syamsul Rizal Abd Shukor came up with a way to produce hydrogen in a system compact enough to be fitted into a car. 'COOL!', i said.

But then, I heard (or read) somewhere that Malaysia has not been supportive enough until LMG had to shut down. Im not sure whether this is true but if its true, 'BIJAK LAAA KORANG! *sarcasm* '

Kalau bab nak habiskan duit, PERGH! laju jee.. For instance, hantar orang keliling dunia naik basikal laa, naik sampan laaa, buat apa? Bazir duit je.. Konon untuk menaikkan nama negara.. People out there tak kisah pon laa. Datuknenek diorg dah keliling dunia naik sampan 30 kali mungkin, tak kecoh pon.

Kata nak save the planet. Tapi yang dijalankan hanya benda2 common yang kesannya sikit je pada environmental pollution. Cuba laa jangan jual rokok, jangan ambil rasuah untuk penebangan haram, MMG TAKKAN laaa.. sebab itulah main income source negara MALAYSIA. . . kalau x boleh, try something else. support benda2 mcm ni. bukan susah. Kalau 1MALAYSIA boleh berjaya dibentangkan kat UN, mungkin ini pon boleh jugak.

Hopefully, pihak yang bertanggungjawab lebih prihatin about these Malaysians yang ada idea2 bernas.
For more info, go to Hydroxene Technology on Paul Tan's.

*I saw an advert of this when I was in Form 5, 2007. I was interested with this technology since back then. I even made an essay for my oral test on this.
   My recent posts sounds a bit macam environmentalist, but i dont think im one of them. im just writing my opinions here. I think yang supermarkets kat Malaysia buat where you have to pay 20 sen for each plastic bag when you shop every Saturday memang benda yang bagus. Keep it up.