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Monday, February 1, 2010


Or in other words, 'move on'.

Benda yang paling susah nak buat, kata org.

I dont think so. I think thats the easiest thing you could do if you dont want anything to do with someone.

orang cakap, 'move on sikit2 dulu'. Thats just bullshit. You can move on all along, but its you, the one who dont want to by denying that you can move on all the way.

Ppl said they 'cannot' move on. Actually, its because you dont want to do so. You want to get back together with your partner. You wish bad things wouldnt happen. You think about your partner all the time. You think you would be happy with him/her and not with anyone else. You wish to hug and never let go.

Well, bad news people. You have to let go, and you know it. You knew those things i wrote up there wouldnt happen like it used to be. Learn. You've made a mistake, you shouldnt repeat that ever. You have your whole life to enjoy, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, dont let these mistakes make you to make more mistakes.

chill out. relax. take a step forward. not backwards nor standstill.

*toddles* < - - - hahaha. (mukhriz.)

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  1. u're like the next guy who host the ugly truth. wat are u gonna do next tell little kids santa dont exist? hahahahahhahaha.... this is the ugly truth people. and wat he's saying is true. i know. cause i am. and yeah.